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Tsukuba VLBI Station LAT: 36°0611N     LON: 140°0519E     ALT: 44.6 m   

Operation of Tsukuba VLBI Station ended
in December, 2016.

Tsukuba 32-m Antenna
address 1 Kitasato, Tsukuba-shi, IBARAKI
antenna type Cassegrain antenna, AZ-EL mount
antenna diameter 32 m
antenna weight 550 t
receiver frequency S-band  2.12-2.52GHz
X-band  7.78-8.98GHz
K-band  19.5-25.0GHz
in-service date March, 1998

The Tsukuba VLBI Station is the core station of the GSI VLBI observation network. Its antenna has a large aperture (32-m diameter) and an unprecedented high mobility of 3/sec.

With its exceptional capability, the station plays a leading role in geodetic VLBI in Japan, ranked with the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory as the leading station in Asia.
Performing more than 100 domestic / international observations per year, it serves to maintain the national geodetic reference system, to monitor the variation in Earth rotation and the displacement of plates, collaborating with universities and research organizations in Japan and overseas. B
There is a metal markeriVLBI markerjon the ground adjacent to the antenna. With its precisely determined position by repeated VLBI observations, this marker supplies a definition for the datum azimuth in the national geodetic reference network, which means that the azimuth angle between the marker and the origin of longitude and latitude (Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo) has been determined to serve as a starting or reference azimuth.
an antenna wheel
antenna moves horizontally on rails with 4 great wheel of its bottom
VLBI observation room in station building
observation room in station building  ( radio signals from celestial objects are recorded here after the antenna receives them )
a VLBI marker on the ground adjacent to the antenna
a VLBI marker ( metal marker ) on the ground adjacent to the antenna

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