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GSI VLBI station map
At present GSI owns four fixed VLBI stations nationwide. 
Before these stations established their operations in late 1990's, transportable stations were engaged in performing VLBI observations. GSI established its transportable stations at nine locations in late 1980's. They passed the torch to the fixed stations after playing a significant role in the beginning of our VLBI history, and nowadays remain only each antenna foundation.
Kashima 26-m antenna the now-defunct Kashima 26-m antenna
--a key player behind the scenes in locating Japan's position in the world--
Shintotsukawa fixed station Shintotsukawa transportable station Mizusawa transportable station Tonami transportable station Kanozan transportable station Kainan transportable station Chichijima transportable station Miyazaki transportable station Tsukuba Correlator Sagara transportable station Tsukuba fixed station Chichijima fixed station Aira fixed station
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