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National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
GSI and NICT have collaborated on VLBI studies under a joint research agreement.
NICT Space-Time Standards Group
The VLBI research team at NICT is here.
Key Stone Project (KSP)
the website of a time-limited project, Key Stone Project (KSP), by CRL (now : NICT)  --The aim of KSP was to monitor regional crustal deformation in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and terminated the end of November, 2001--
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)
the website of NINS National Astronomical Observatory of Japan -- NAOJ is running the VLBI Space Observatory Programme (VSOP) to study celestial radio sources and other purposes.v
Gifu University Faculty of Engineering -- Space Science Laboratory
This laboratory is performing geodetic VLBI with its 11-m antenna.
National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR)
the website of National Institute of Polar Research
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International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry (IVS)
IVS is an international collaboration of organizations which operate or support Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) components. GSI is engaged in IVS as network station, correlator and operational analysis center.
IVS mirror site at NICT
This is a mirror site of IVS listed above.
International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS)
IERS provides information on the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF) coordinates and Earth orientation parameters.
IERS EOP Product Center
This is the EOP (Earth Rotation Parameter) information page by IERS listed above.
MIT Haystack Observatory
the website of the Haystack Observatory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in USA
BKG Fundamentalstation Wettzell
the website of the Fundamentalstation Wettzell - 20-m radioscope in Germany
The Crustal Dynamics Data Information System (CDDIS)
the NASA website providing crustal dynamics data
Goddard Geodetic VLBI Group
the website of the VLBI Group of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in USA
Earth Orientation Department of the U.S. Naval Observatory(USNO)
The Earth Orientation Department of USNO provides information on the past, current, and predicted future orientation of the Earth in space.
National Radio Astronomy Observatory(NRAO)
the website of NRAO in USA -- NRAO is one of the world's premier research facilities for radio astronomy --
The Onsala Space Observatory (OSO)
OSO is the Swedish National Facility for Radio Astronomy.
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